Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy provides an in-depth look at the practices of The Christer regarding the gathering, application, and sharing of your personal data as you interact with our offerings on or communicate with us in any capacity through our Services. In this document, "you" pertains to anyone utilizing our Services, be it as a shopper, site visitor, or any individual from whom we've obtained information in line with this policy.

We implore you to examine this policy with diligence. Your decision to engage with any aspect of our Services constitutes an agreement to our handling of your personal information as detailed in this policy. Should you find yourself at odds with our privacy practices, we respectfully ask that you refrain from using our Services.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

Periodically, Smarlix may revise this Privacy Policy to align with new procedures, operational adjustments, or due to legal and regulatory updates. Whenever such changes occur, we'll publish the updated policy on our website and modify the date of the most recent update, in addition to undertaking any other actions mandated by relevant laws.

How We Collect and Use Your Personal Information

In order to deliver our Services, we have gathered and continue to gather your personal data from multiple sources over the last year. The type of information we gather is contingent upon your interactions with us.

Beyond the uses detailed further on, the information we acquire may be utilized for communication purposes, to facilitate the provision of our Services, adhere to legal requirements, enforce terms of service, and safeguard the Services, as well as our rights and those of our users and other parties.

What Personal Information We Collect

Your interaction with our Site and utilization of our Services determines the variety of personal data we collect from you. By "personal information," we mean any data that can identify, describe, be linked to, or is relevant to you as an individual. The categories and distinct varieties of personal data that we gather are detailed in the sections that follow.

Information We Collect Directly from You

Data you directly provide while using our Services encompasses:

  • Essential contact information such as name, physical address, telephone number, and email.
  • Purchase details like your name, billing and delivery addresses, confirmation of payment, email, and phone number.
  • Account specifics including username, password, and answers to security queries.
  • Browsing data covering viewed items, those added to your cart, or wishlist.
  • Interaction data for customer service, such as contents of your messages to us via the Services.

Certain functionalities of our Services might necessitate you to share specific personal information. While you have the choice to withhold this information, it may limit your ability to engage with these aspects of our Services.

Information We Collect through Cookies

We automatically gather specific data related to your use of our Services, known as "Usage Data." This is achieved through the employment of cookies, pixels, and comparable technologies. The collected Usage Data encompasses details about your engagement with our Site and account, such as the type of device used, browser specifications, network connection attributes, your IP address, and other relevant aspects of your interactions with the Services.

Information We Obtain from Third Parties

Finally, we may obtain information about you from third parties, including from vendors and service providers who may collect information on our behalf, such as:

  • Companies who support our Site and Services, such as Shopify.
  • Our payment processors, who collect payment information (e.g., bank account, credit or debit card information, billing address) to process your payment in order to fulfill your orders and provide you with products or services you have requested, in order to perform our contract with you.
  • When you visit our Site, open or click on emails we send you, or interact with our Services or advertisements, we, or third parties we work with, may automatically collect certain information using online tracking technologies such as pixels, web beacons, software developer kits, third-party libraries, and cookies.

Any information we obtain from third parties will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible or liable for the accuracy of the information provided to us by third parties and are not responsible for any third party's policies or practices. For more information, see the section below, Third Party Websites and Links.

How We Use Your Personal Information

  • Service Provision and Product Delivery: Your personal data is essential for us to deliver the Services as per our agreement. This includes managing your payments, executing orders, sending updates regarding your account, purchases, and transactions like returns or exchanges. We also use your information to handle your account, organize shipping, assist with returns or exchanges, and enable you to submit product reviews.
  • Marketing Initiatives: We utilize your personal information for marketing objectives. This involves sending you promotional content through email, text, or mail, and presenting tailored advertisements for products or services, including on our Site and other platforms.
  • Safeguarding and Fraud Mitigation: We apply your personal information to identify, investigate, and act against potential fraud, illegal activities, or security threats. It's your responsibility to secure your account details. Sharing your login credentials is discouraged to prevent unauthorized access. Should you suspect any security breach of your account, please inform us promptly.
  • Customer Interaction: To offer customer support and enhance our Services, we utilize your personal data. It’s in our legitimate interest to respond effectively, deliver quality service, and sustain our business relationship with you.


Our website, like many others, implements Cookies. Detailed information about our use of Cookies, especially in relation to Shopify, can be found at These Cookies are integral to both the functioning and enhancement of our Site and Services, helping remember user preferences and actions. They are also crucial for conducting analytics to gain insights into user engagement with our Services, aiming to manage, refine, and optimize our offerings effectively. Additionally, we allow third-party service providers to deploy Cookies on our Site to more accurately customize the services, products, and advertising both on our website and elsewhere.

While most web browsers are set to accept Cookies by default, you have the option to adjust your browser settings to either delete or decline them. It's important to be aware that disabling Cookies might adversely affect your online experience, potentially inhibiting certain functionalities and features of our Services. Moreover, opting out of Cookies doesn't completely halt the sharing of information with third-party entities, such as our advertising collaborators.

How We Disclose Personal Information

Under specific conditions and in line with this Privacy Policy, we might share your personal data with external entities for valid reasons. These scenarios include:

  • Sharing with service providers or third parties who execute various tasks for us, such as IT services, payment processing, data analysis, customer service, cloud computing, order fulfillment, and logistics.
  • Collaborating with business and marketing associates like Shopify to deliver services and conduct advertising. These partners will handle your data as per their individual privacy policies.
  • Disclosing information to third parties upon your direction, request, or consent, for purposes like product shipping or when you utilize social media features or login integrations on our platform.
  • Exchanging information within our affiliate network or corporate family to maintain efficient business operations.
  • During business-related events like mergers or insolvencies, we may disclose information to adhere to legal requirements, respond to legal processes such as subpoenas, enforce service terms, and safeguard the Services, our rights, and the rights of our users or others.

Over the past year, we have disclosed specific categories of personal and sensitive information (marked with *) for the reasons mentioned in the sections "How we Collect and Use your Personal Information" and "How we Disclose Personal Information".

Category Categories of Recipients
  • Identifiable information, including fundamental contact specifics and certain details regarding orders and accounts.
  • Business-related data encompassing details of orders, shopping habits, and interactions with customer service.
  • Online and comparable network behaviors, including data related to service usage.
  • Vendors and third parties who perform services on our behalf (such as Internet service providers, payment processors, fulfillment partners, customer support partners and data analytics providers)
  • Business and marketing partners
  • Affiliates
    We refrain from utilizing or revealing sensitive personal data to draw conclusions about your personal attributes.
      Our Services provide a platform for you to write product reviews and create other forms of content generated by users. Remember, anything you post in the public sections of our Services becomes accessible to everyone.

        The control over who views the information you share publicly is beyond our scope, and we cannot guarantee that such information will be handled with respect to your privacy or security. Consequently, we hold no responsibility for the confidentiality or safety of the data you choose to make public, nor for the correctness or potential misuse of any information that you disclose or acquire from third parties.


        Third Party Websites and Links

        On our website, you may find links leading to third-party websites or online platforms. Should you choose to visit these external sites, we advise you to familiarize yourself with their respective privacy, security policies, and terms. Please note that we neither provide assurances nor accept responsibility for the privacy, security, or the veracity and completeness of the content on these third-party sites. Additionally, any personal information you divulge in public or semi-public areas, including on third-party social networks, might be accessible to other users of both our Services and those external platforms. This access is unrestricted and may be used by us or third parties. The presence of these external links on our site doesn't signify our endorsement of their content, owners, or operators, unless explicitly stated in our Services.

        Children’s Data

        Our Services are not designed for child users, and we consciously avoid gathering children's personal data. Parents or guardians who find that their child has submitted personal information to us can reach out via the contact information provided below to ask for its removal.

        As per the latest update of this Privacy Policy, we are not aware of any instances where we have "shared" or "sold" (in accordance with the legal definitions of these terms) the personal data of individuals younger than 16 years.

        Security and Retention of Your Information

        Please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable, and we cannot guarantee “perfect security.” As such, we cannot assure absolute security. Also, be mindful that the information you transmit to us might be at risk during transfer. We advise against using unsecured methods to send us sensitive or confidential data.

        The duration for which we keep your personal data is contingent upon various criteria, including the necessity to manage your account, deliver our Services, fulfill legal requirements, settle disputes, or uphold relevant agreements and policies.

        Your Rights and Choices

        Your location determines the specific rights you may have regarding your personal information, though these rights are not absolute and are subject to various conditions. In some instances, we may legally deny your request.

        • Access/Information Right: You might be entitled to access the personal information we hold about you, including how we use and share it.
        • Deletion Right: You can request the deletion of your personal data in our possession.
        • Correction Right: If your personal information with us is inaccurate, you have the right to ask for corrections.
        • Data Portability Right: Under certain conditions, you're entitled to a copy of your data that we hold and can request its transfer to another party.
        • Processing Restriction Right: You might be able to request a halt or limitation on the processing of your personal information.
        • Consent Withdrawal Right: If our processing is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent.
        • Appeal Right: Should we refuse your request, you have the right to challenge our decision.
        • Communication Preferences Management: Although we may send you promotional messages, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. However, we may still send non-promotional communications related to your account or orders.

        You can exercise these rights as specified on our Site or through the provided contact details.

        Exercising these rights won’t result in any form of discrimination from us. To respond appropriately, we might need to verify your identity, requiring information like your email or account details. You’re also entitled to appoint an authorized agent to exercise these rights on your behalf, for which we'll need proof of such authorization and may need direct identity confirmation from you. We commit to responding to your requests promptly as per relevant legal standards.


        Should you have any grievances regarding our handling of your personal data, feel free to reach out to us using the contact information given below. In the event that our resolution doesn't meet your satisfaction, your location may grant you the right to challenge our decision. You can do this by getting in touch with us again through the provided contact methods, or you may choose to file your complaint with the data protection authority in your area.

        International Users

        Be aware that your personal data may be transferred to, stored in, and processed in countries other than your own, including in the United States. This processing is carried out by our employees, as well as by various third-party service providers and partners located in these countries.

        In situations where we move your personal data from Europe to other regions, we adhere to established transfer protocols such as the Standard Contractual Clauses set by the European Commission or similar agreements as provided by the appropriate UK authorities, except when transferring to countries deemed to have sufficient data protection measures.


        Should you have any questions about our privacy practices or this Privacy Policy, or if you would like to exercise any of the rights available to you, please email us at or contact us at

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        or alternatively at

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