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The Christer

Christian Charm Bracelets

Christian Charm Bracelets

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Our Christian Charm Bracelets offer a modern, minimalist expression of faith that is perfect for anyone seeking a subtle yet powerful symbol of their spiritual beliefs. Designed for versatility and everyday wear, these bracelets are a sleek addition to any ensemble.


  • Color: Available in a lustrous steel or a warm gold finish, our Christian Charm Bracelets provide options to match any wardrobe or occasion, be it casual or formal.
  • Unisex: With a unisex design, they are suitable for all, embracing both simplicity and inclusivity.
  • Material: Forged from titanium stainless steel, these charm bracelets are as strong and enduring as your faith. 
  • Chain Length: The standard length of 17cm, with an additional 5cm extension, allows for a customized fit, ensuring comfort for a variety of wrist sizes.
  • Pendant: Each bracelet features a petite pendant measuring 15.5mm by 10mm, depicting the Christian cross, an enduring emblem of hope and salvation.
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