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The Christer

Jesus Ring Silver

Jesus Ring Silver

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Discover the distinctive allure of our Vintage Thai Silver Jesus Ring, a piece that exudes both historical depth and spiritual significance. This ring's design is an artful tribute to faith, crafted to be a versatile addition to any jewelry collection.

Key Features:

  • Type: This unique ring presents a design that is both timeless and innovative, offering a new way to express personal faith and style.
  • Treatment Process: With a careful electroplating process, the ring showcases a vintage Thai silver color that enhances its antique appearance and highlights the intricate details.
  • Color: The ring's rich, vintage Thai silver hue gives it an aura of bygone elegance, perfectly suited for those with an appreciation for retro aesthetics.
  • Size: The adjustable opening ensures that this ring is not confined to a single size but can be adapted to fit most, making it a thoughtful gift or versatile personal accessory.
  • Style: Unisex in design, the ring can be worn by anyone, transcending gender norms and embracing inclusivity.
  • Material: Made from high-quality copper, this ring is not only durable but also carries the warm, inviting glow associated with this beloved metal.
  • Package Size: Each ring is securely housed in a box measuring 100mm by 100mm by 40mm, reflecting the care and quality of this special item.
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