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The Christer

Minimalist Christian Art

Minimalist Christian Art

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Embrace the beauty of simplicity with our Minimalist Christian Art collection. This set of three artworks provides a tranquil reminder of the Lord's presence and encouragement from Joshua 1:9, presented in an understated yet impactful design that complements any decor style.

Key Features:

  • Coordinated Set: Each bundle includes three distinct yet harmonious pieces, each bearing a portion of the verse from Joshua 1:9 to inspire strength and courage.
  • Frameless Versatility: These prints are offered without frames, giving you the creative freedom to choose the perfect frames to match your interior design, or to hang them as sleek, modern standalone pieces.
  • Size Variety: With five sizes available, from the intimate 21cm by 30cm to the more prominent 60cm by 90cm, you can tailor the collection to suit your space.
  • Eco-friendly Medium: Printed on eco-friendly cotton canvas, these pieces not only add aesthetic value to your space but do so with environmental consciousness.
  • Durable Quality: The use of waterproof ink ensures that the prints are not only striking in appearance but also long-lasting and resistant to fading.
  • Scriptural Elegance: The minimalist design draws focus to the powerful words, creating a sense of peace and contemplation wherever displayed.
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