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The Christer

Wooden Jesus Necklace

Wooden Jesus Necklace

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Embrace a touch of sacred tradition with our Wooden Jesus Necklace. 


  • Material: Carved from high-quality wood.
  • Shape: The cross, a central element in Christianity, is prominently featured with a size of 5.5cm by 3.5cm, crafted with attention to detail to inspire reverence and contemplation.
  • Color: Available in stark black or natural wood color, it caters to personal tastes while maintaining its devotional purpose.
  • Beads: Each 10mm bead is carefully selected for uniformity and comfort during prayer, enhancing the meditative experience.
  • Charm: The rosary features a 14.5cm bead chain length with a total circumference of around 59cm, providing ample space for handling and prayer. The Maria charm measures 2.0cm by 2.0cm, serving as a focal point for Marian devotion.
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